Webinars are educational seminars presented online. Our webinars are presented live, in 'real time' through the internet. We are planning to offer pre-recorded webinars in our archives so you can watch them at a later date. Webinars are presented much like the traditional classroom environment except you are not in a physical classroom. You may be in Hawaii, Rome, or Sydney. You may be vacationing or at your office. As you watch the seminar, you can relax and enjoy listening and watching the speaker in the privacy of your own office, hotel room, or home.

If you have access to high-speed internet and an up-to-date computer, you will likely be able to connect to Health Webinars. With our vast array of topics, we are certain that you will find several that will inspire you to reach your goals. For professionals looking for continuing education credits, we offer informative seminars through our excellent staff of speakers. Our speakers are required to have at least a Bachelor's degree.

Our speakers are carefully screened for proper credentials to ensure high-quality representation. If you have a topic in mind that we don't have listed, please let us know. Perhaps we can find a speaker to present it!

Health Webinar speakers are behavior change specialists!

We are currently recruiting speakers on topics related to the following:

Weight loss
Disease prevention
Injury prevention
Behavior change
Energizing strategies
Balanced nutrition
Workouts for seniors
Diabetes management
Obesity in children and adults
Disease management
Strength training
Reach your goals through Spirituality
Mind/Body connection
Workouts for seniors
Sports nutrition
Marathon training
Triathon training
Pre-Post Workouts
Sports Nutrition

If you enjoy presenting live seminars, please contact Babs Hogan today. Your presentation has many possibilities. Take a look:

1. Promote your new book or product.
2. Discuss your theories or ideas on specific topics.
3. Motivate and inspire your audience.
4. Provide educational information for continuing education credits.
5. Promote your new event or program.
6. Counsel groups - small or large.
7. Collaborate with colleagues on projects.
8. Teach classes across the globe.

Contact babswellcoach@gmail.com for more information.